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The 9 Best Shovel Girl Remixes


The 9 Best Shovel Girl Remixes


If you don't know who Shovel Girl is you should probably just give up trying to use the Internet.

Here's the original Vine of her getting hit in the head with a shovel. You can Google it if you want to try to find the full 8-minute fight, but Youtube pulled it hours after it went viral.


Anyway... On to the remixes...


The Kendrick Lamar Remix


The Call of Duty Black Ops Remix


The Super Mario Remix


The Super Smash Bros Remix


The Martin Garrix Remix


The Mortal Kombat Remix


The Tomb Raider Remix


The Kevin Hart Remix


The Kanye West Remix


I love the Internet.

Published by Jonnathan Coleman , 08.05.2014 at 22:46


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Kevin Poquettes
Kevin Poquettes haha some people are so creative. she's internet famous! Text hided expand
John Smith
John Smith Kevin Poquettes How much does one beat by the shovel? Text hided expand
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